Choosing The Right Glasses

At Advanced Eyecare, we offer the best eyeglasses in Las Vegas. Our professional staff can help you decide which glasses are right for you. Whether you are getting a prescription, picking out frames, or trying to choose the right style, we can help determine which pair of glasses will truly make you happy. Take a look at these tips for picking the right glasses.



This is one of the most important parts of choosing the right eyeglasses. The lenses you wear are determined by your eye doctor and are what correct your vision. Lenses are prescribed and are specific to each person. Your prescription will not necessarily work for someone else’s vision. Lenses are considered medically necessary for some people, but they can also be part of the fashion and style of your glasses. While a doctor will decide your prescription, you can decide on any protective coatings, thickness, and tint for your lenses. These can protect your eyes from UV light or simply help the glasses to stay clean. Your lenses will be fitted into frames of your choosing. Your frames have a big impact on the overall quality of your glasses. 


Frames hold your lenses together. Your doctor can help you determine a good fit for your frames. Make sure to find a pair that fit snuggly, but isn’t too tight. They also need to make sure your lenses are the correct distance apart. Frames can be made of any material. More affordable frames are often plastic while high-end frames can be made of rare woods or metals. Frames can also be made to fit certain lifestyles such as for athletes. Frames are the most noticeable part of eyeglasses and picking the right style is more important than it might appear. 


What good are glasses if you don't wear them? Style is an important factor when selecting glasses you will actually want to wear. Glasses come in all shapes and sizes. You can go for that hip, retro look, pick something timeless, or sport the latest trends. We can also help you find prescription sunglasses so your vision doesn’t suffer on those bright, sunny days. Any style of glasses can hold any lenses which means your prescription isn’t in control of your fashion, you are. 

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With plenty of frames and styles to choose from, we’ll help you find which glasses fit your face and your lifestyle. If you’re looking for Eyeglasses in Las Vegas, contact our professional staff at Advanced Eyecare today.


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