Treatment for Floaters and Flashes at Advanced EyeCare

Young or old, there will be instances of impaired or compromised vision in some individuals. At an early age, some people experience or witness sudden flashes or floaters in their vision. This occurs for several reasons, including having chronic illnesses, based on the symptoms you experience.


At Advanced EyeCare in Las Vegas, we diagnose and treat floaters and flashes for people of all ages. At our office, we provide professional treatment using the most advanced equipment.

Floaters and Flashes: What Are They?

Floaters are dark shapes or lines that appear in your field of vision. They are clumps of cells that cast shadows on the retina, the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. Floaters can vary in size, shape, and transparency, and they may appear more prominent under certain lighting conditions or when looking at bright backgrounds. While they are generally harmless, and become more common as people age, a sudden onset of floaters in your vision can indicate a more serious eye condition and should be evaluated by an optometrist near you.

Flashes are brief bursts of light that occur in the visual field, often appearing as bright streaks or flickers of light. These flashes are caused by the stimulation of the retina, usually due to mechanical forces pulling or tugging on the retina's surface. This can happen when the vitreous gel shrinks or changes position within the eye, which commonly occurs as people age. Eye flashes may also be associated with other conditions, such as retinal detachment or inflammation within the eye. While occasional flashes may not be concerning, persistent or sudden onset of flashes accompanied by other symptoms like a sudden increase in floaters or loss of vision peripheral vision should prompt an immediate evaluation by an eye care professional to rule out any serious underlying issues.


In advanced cases of floaters, such as those with such a high volume of floaters that vision is obstructed, a vitrectomy may be performed. A vitrectomy is a surgery that is performed to replace the vitreous, the liquid medium that gives the eye its shape.

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