Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration

When it's been a while since you've had an eye exam, make sure you schedule your annual eye exam so that you get the care you need. One of the things that you are screened for at these appointments is macular degeneration. It's an eye disease that is quite serious, and it can cause you to lose a lot of your vision, so much, in fact, that you may lose your independence. Macular degeneration is generally caused by advanced age, and it can give patients many problems with their vision. It's best to have the condition detected early so that it can be monitored as it progresses. If you have this condition, or you think you might, visit our optometry center in Las Vegas, NV. Contact us to make your eye exam appointment. We at Advanced Eyecare are here to help you.

What Is Macular Degeneration?

This is generally an age-related eye disease that causes patients to lose vision in the center of their visual field. It's more commonly found in people who are older, but it may start earlier. It starts off slowly with little to no change in vision, but it gets worse until the person's vision is seriously affected. This eye disease happens when the macula of the eye becomes too worn. The macula is an area that is in the middle of the retina of the eye. As it gets worn down, there are more and more problems with the person's vision. Macular degeneration causes a lot of vision loss, but it generally doesn't cause the patient to go blind. As people get older, the macula begins to break down, but we don't know precisely why.

Symptoms to Watch For

In the beginning, there may be no symptoms at all that you have this serious eye disease. As time goes on, though, the visual symptoms will start to get noticed. It usually affects vision in the central area of the visual field. In this central portion, you may start to see areas that are blurry or dark. Colors might start to look different from before, and you will likely need to have brighter lights to see. Patients might have a hard time recognizing faces. The symptoms can start slowly and get worse over the years, or the symptoms can appear all at once. 

Get Screened for Macular Degeneration

It can be important to get your eye exam every year, and part of that includes screening for this eye disease. To get your appointment, call our optometry center in Las Vegas, NV. Call us at (702) 737-3937 for Advanced Eyecare.


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