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Advanced Eyecare Answers Questions About Eyeglasses

Advanced Eyecare is a leading eye care clinic based in Las Vegas, NV. This award-winning eye care clinic is run by four expert Doctors of Optometry, Dr. Mark Miller, Dr. Brian Miller, and Doctor Sahba Fakhra. Advanced Eyecare utilizes the most up to date technologies to improve or maintain your vision. These doctors provide the latest in vision technologies. Advanced Eyecare has a large selection of eyeglasses. 

Are eye issues getting you down? Call Advanced Eye Care today at (702) 737-3937 and make that vital eye exam appointment. Never allow eye issues to go untreated. Your eye issues may be a serious issue or all you may need is an adjustment in your glass lenses. As you age, like us all, eye issues may be present and you may not be aware of problems brewing. Make that appointment today and put your mind at ease. 

FAQ About Eyeglasses

Q: I need eyeglasses. What can I expect with my exam?

A.  You get an extensive eye exam. We will determine the quality of your visual perception and the status of your eye health.

Q: If the doctor prescribes glasses do I have to take a prescription to an eyeglass company?

A: No. We have a full range of attractive glass frames. You are sure to find the exact frames you want. 

Q: I have a chronic eye condition how does the doctor take care of this condition?

A: The doctor checks your eyes to see if you need new glasses and puts you on a maintenance program to watch your eye condition and makes needed adjustments in your lenses.

Q: What are the main conditions the doctor looks in seniors?

A: The main eye diseases for seniors include macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. 

Q: What are the primary eye conditions for patients 50 and younger?

A: Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, cataracts (rare), and Astigmatism.

Q: Can I have Lasik surgery?

A: We examine your eyes to see if you are a candidate for Lasik surgery if you tell us you want this procedure to improve your nearsightedness or farsightedness. Not all of our clients who opt for the Lasik procedure is a candidate for this procedure, we will let you know. If you have can have Lasik or cataract surgery we do the surgical procedure right here in our clinic. 

Q: Will Lasik surgery give me 20/20 vision?

A: After you have a lens implant for cataracts you will be amazed at how clear and sharp your vision becomes. No one has the same outcome after cataract surgery. You may need glasses after surgery because Lasik did not provide you with 20/20 vision.  Lens implant surgery is different for each patient and this is a normal outcome. We provide all your pre-op and post-op care. If glasses are what you need we carry an extensive range of fashionable eyewear. 

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