Myopia Management

Myopia remains one of the most common vision disorders in the world, affecting much of the population. Although glasses and contact lenses can help correct nearsightedness, they do not solve the condition's underlying cause. An optometrist on our team at Advanced Eyecare in Las Vegas, NV, can treat this condition using the following treatment approaches.

Myopia Management


Glasses are the most common and most straightforward way to correct this condition. They refract or bend light to enter the eye directly on the retina rather than away from it. This produces a clear image for the wearer. However, this vision correction strategy is temporary, as the eyeglasses must be worn at all times for the patient to see clearly and you may need new ones if your refractive error gets any worse.

Specialty Contacts

Usually, Gas-Permeable (GP) or Hard contact lenses are used to address nearsightedness. These types of contacts sit directly on the eye, unlike soft contacts, which float on a film of tears. GP lenses are rigid, permeable material that transmits oxygen to the eye. They can be adapted to various prescription needs and provide vision correction. However, specialty contacts need to be removed and cleaned, unlike eyeglasses which require much less upkeep and training.

Corneal Molding

Corneal molding, also known as Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), is a non-surgical, overnight vison correction treatment for this eye condition. It involves wearing specially designed contact lenses while you sleep. These gas-permeable lenses gently reshape the cornea so that light entering the eye is properly focused on the retina. As a result, patients achieve clear vision during the daytime without wearing contact lenses.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is a permanent vison correction treatment for this eye problem that uses a laser to reshape the cornea. This procedure can be performed on patients of older ages with stable vision. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure that can provide excellent results. This is a welcome treatment approach that can eliminate the need for glasses and contacts.

Eye Drops

With the use of special eye drops, myopia progression can be slowed down or halted entirely. Nearsightedness can get worse as you age. This is especially true for children. With theses eye drops, however, we can help prevent it from getting worse and help maintain your vision long term.

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Myopia can be lifelong, but treatments are available to help you see clearly. This condition has been a common problem, but its prevalence is on the rise. If you are concerned about your vision, make an appointment with us at Advanced Eyecare in Las Vegas, NV. We can provide you with an eye exam and recommend the treatment approach for your individual needs. Call us at (702) 737-3937.


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