Eyecare Services

At Advanced Eyecare in Las Vegas, NV, our eye doctors and staff are committed to providing advanced vision care in a comfortable and professional environment. Our primary eye care service includes comprehensive eye exams that analyze the visual function and eye health. We also provide testing for cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Eye Exams

Our eye doctors take routine eye exams seriously. During a bi-yearly or yearly exam, our Las Vegas patients receive a patient history review, eye movement assessments, eye tests, focusing, and an eye health evaluation. In addition, our optometrist will discuss any additional tests required to diagnose your eye condition. At Advanced Eyecare, we use the latest technology to diagnose your eye condition. 

Contact Lenses

If you aren’t sure that glasses are a good fit, you can inquire about contact lenses. We stock different contact lenses. Our Las Vegas optometrist will discuss the various options to help determine which type will compliment your lifestyle and needs. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer any queries. Give us a call now to schedule your examination.

Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the tear drainage and production aren’t balanced. As a result, people with dry eyes don’t produce enough or might produce poor-quality tears. The results? Unpleasant dry eye symptoms like burning, redness, itching, excessive tearing, watery eyes- and eye pain. Dry eye syndrome can also increase your risk of severe eye disorders, like corneal ulcers. Kindly book a no-charge Lasik consultation to help diagnose symptoms of corneal ulcers.

We shall provide a personalized eye treatment program according to the root cause. Here at Advanced Eyecare in Las Vegas, NV, we aim to maintain or restore the usual amount of tears in your eyes to minimize discomfort and dryness. Our optometrist will prescribe an individualized treatment plan to help keep your eyes healthy and comfortable daily.

Red, Itchy, or Sore Eyes

Our team is ready to look after all your eye care needs. Besides services like contact lenses, routine eye exams, frames, and eyeglasses, contact us for:

  • Red, itchy or sore eyes
  • Treatment of conjunctivitis
  • Treatment of eye burns or allergies
  • Removal of foreign bodies from your vision

We offer your whole family the most cost-effective and convenient emergency eye care. That way, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best eye care.

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Las Vegas

Advanced Eyecare in Las Vegas, NV, also offers corrective laser eye surgery and eyewear prescriptions. We provide vision correction services to clients of all ages. Our team provides cutting-edge eye care, whether you need eyeglasses or treatment for eye disease. Contact us at (702) 602-2246 or visit us to learn more about our services.


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