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Did You Know That Refractive Vision Errors Are Often Correctable?

Advanced Eyecare treats and diagnoses patients with refractive vision errors all the time. Refractive vision errors are a fairly common occurrence in people. We want to reassure our patients and others who have been diagnosed with a refractive vision error that there are effective care plans in place that are non-invasive. If you feel like your vision is not what it once was, or if you know you are not seeing clearly, come in to visit us. We see patients in and around Las Vegas, NV.


What Conditions Cause Refractive Vision Errors?

If you have blurred vision, crossed eyes (in children), or difficulty performing tasks such as reading, you may have an underlying condition causing a refractive vision error. 

These conditions include Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, and more. Each of these conditions comes with their own set of symptoms. As a rule, you should schedule an emergency appointment with an optometrist any time there are any sudden changes to your vision, and schedule a regular exam if you have been noticing progressive changes between your yearly check-up.

What Are Common Treatments for Refractive Vision Errors? 

The most common treatment is corrective contact lenses or corrective eyeglasses. In some cases, LASIK may be effective for certain refractive disorders. Your exact treatment plan will depend on the cause of the refractive error and your personal preference. Some people do not mind simply wearing glasses, others want contacts that help painlessly manipulate the lens of the eye into a more effective shape. At your appointment, your optometrist will explain all of your options clearly.

During your routine eye exam, or if you come in for a specialized visit, you will be tested for refractive errors, starting with a simple vision chart reading while using various lenses to show where the flaw lies in the eye. Refractive errors can be diagnosed with no invasive measures.

Contact Us if You Are in Need of Your Regular Eye Exam or Contact Lens Fitting

Advanced Eyecare serves the city of Las Vegas and the surrounding communities in NV. We treat patients with refractive errors daily, helping them to improve their vision through corrective eyewear or other more permanent methods. We look forward to meeting you and helping you see clearly in the coming year. Call (702) 737-3937 today to schedule your next eye exam with our optometrist.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Very friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Nguyen was great. Since moving to Las Vegas I have used a different eye center each year for contacts. But I'll be coming here from now on."
    Dave W.
  • "The front office staff is so friendly and helpful, and the doctor was simply awesome!! Thanks so much!"
    Cynthia L.
  • "Got me in fast and fixed my eye. Found a peice of metal in my eye, got it right out."
    Joe O.

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